SPOKANE, Washington (November 2, 2016) —Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, LLC (PAML) President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Francisco R. Velázquez, was invited to participate in a panel discussing healthcare reform and population health at Washington State University’s (WSU) Riverpoint campus in Spokane, Washington on November 7, 2016.

Organized by Haley Bernath, Kelly Mohammed and the school’s Association of Healthcare Students (AHS), the program hopes to encourage professional development and networking amongst students and local professionals. With influence from the impending election, this year’s topic, healthcare reform and population health, relates to the impact proposed reforms could have on society as a whole.

According to Bernath, “The realms of a volume-based environment changing to a value-based one, technology advancements, poor health outcomes, and quality of care are all areas within the topic that are important to address as changes to healthcare will continue.”

Joined by Thomas F. Roshetko, Chief Nursing Officer at Eastern State Hospital, and Torney Smith, Administrator for the Spokane Regional Health District, Dr. Velázquez will tackle subjects such as VA healthcare reform, quality of care, population health management, and the shift from volume to value-based care. When asked what specifically drew them to Dr. Velázquez, Bernath said, “His knowledge in system integration, regionalization, mergers and acquisitions, and financial turn-arounds in Healthcare Systems make him an asset to the program, and panels like this for all students to learn from.”

The Health Policy and Administration (HPA) program at WSU holds panels bi-annually in an effort to expose students to local professionals and to provide a forum to discuss the continuous changes in the healthcare industry. The majority of individuals in the HPA program are full-time students, making it difficult to obtain experiences outside of the classroom. Organizers of the panel hope that that by making programs such as this available to students, they are providing a learning opportunity to engage and educate those attending.