SPOKANE, Washington (March 2, 2017) —Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, LLC (PAML) has installed a cutting-edge automated line at their National Reference Laboratory (NRL), the first of its kind to be used in the United States.

Automated lines are instruments that process diagnostic samples from start to finish and are essential for efficient testing of specimens. Such automation is indispensable to the laboratory industry -   especially in settings like Spokane where thousands of samples are processed each day.

Knowing it was time for an upgrade to their automated line, PAML formed a multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental committee to evaluate analytical quality, costs, environmental impact, stability, and 27 additional criteria. This comprehensive search identified Roche Diagnostics as the optimal partner to meet their needs.

At the National Laboratory, located on Cliff Drive, PAML underwent a full second floor remodel to house their new state of the art technology. In just eight months, the installation, test validation, and training took place on the new automation line.

“PAML has always been known as a progressive and forward-thinking institution with a commitment to advancing laboratory medicine,” said Senior Vice President Roche Diagnostics Joe Crowley. “We share their vision of the next generation lab and their passion for supporting customers and the patients we all serve. Rapid, accurate diagnostic information is the new currency of informed medical decision-making and the cobas connection module lab automation solution helps deliver it.”

The Roche Diagnostics cobas® connection module lab automation solution, now housed in Spokane,

WA, is the first of its kind to be installed in the United States. It will enhance productivity, efficiency and flexibility within the PAML laboratory. The system operates 250% faster than the previous line and uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline results, while the design creates an infrastructure that easily adapts to fluctuations in testing volumes. Using Google Glass, PAML laboratory technicians now have a live connection to the Roche Diagnostics team.

PAML is excited to be the first laboratory in the country to utilize an automated line of this kind and looks forward to the enhancements that it will allow them. The new line, along with the updated software, will significantly impact PAML’s handling of certain time-sensitive tests. What used to take up to 8 hours per day of manual work can now be done automatically, giving laboratory technologist an opportunity to focus on those tests that are not processed through the line.

“The addition of our upgraded automated line not only keeps PAML on the forefront of technological advancement, but allows us to serve our clients and patients in the best possible way,” explained Dr.

Francisco Velázquez, President and CEO of PAML. “Laboratory testing provides the basis for the majority of major medical diagnoses and it is our responsibility, as a reference laboratory, to maintain equipment that works efficiently, effectively, and accurately. It is with pride that PAML is the first laboratory in the country to invest in this type of technology and I’m looking forward to seeing improved efficiency as a result of its installation.”


About Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, LLC

PAML, LLC, a healthcare solutions company with a focus on diagnostics, is headquartered in Spokane, WA. One of the top reference laboratories in the country, PAML is also nationally recognized for innovations in clinical diagnostics. Because of their expertise in developing cutting-edge laboratory management systems, including state-of-the-art automation and support services, PAML is an industry leader in joint venture partnerships with community-based hospitals. For more information, please visit www.paml.com.